Biden's Taking 1.5 Billion Dollars From China

Obama Administration, and Bidens Were Told China Had Millions of People Quarantined In Slave Camps

During the course of the Obama adminstration, Barack Hussien Obama, the Obama Adminstration and Joe Biden were briefed by White House internal docs, CIA reports, and approached with reports from many human rights groups stating that China and its Communist Regime had slave camps throughout its country. That people were undergoing slavery, rape, torture, organ harvesting, murder and cremation of their bodies thereafter. These reports were inline with the same reports submitted to the United Nations and to the Bush Adminstration previously. Victims included Falun Dafa Practitioners, Christians, Uhgurs, Tibetans, Farmers, Artists, Journalists, and the Common Citizen who wished for freedom.

Joe/Biden’sTaking 1.5 Billion As Vice President to Obama

Joe Biden and his Son Hunter Biden took 1.5 Billion dollars from China under the Obama administrations watch, while China was housing Christians, Falun Dafa Practitioners, Tibetans, Uygurs, and other minority groups in camps, killing them for their organs. Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden may face trials for crimes against humanity, Article 1, 2, 3 and 4 of the Genocide concentration, along with many other penal codes related to treason and crimes against humanity

Complicity, Article 3 of Genocide Convention

Article 3 was created after WWII. It states that if any person, entity or government is complicit to the prevention of genocide or reaction their of, they can be charged with crimes against Humanity. The Trump adminstration has passed many inniatives and laws condemming these camps the past 2 years, yet the constant attacks from the media, politicians and millions of people curtailed their ability to counter and curb China’s rise, slave camps, murder and bio-weapon technologies.

1.5 Billion to AI Bio-Weapon Technology Negligent Transfer to China

Joe Biden, Hilary Clinton and the Obama administration let Chinese steal and collaborate with money hungry Americans and Westeners that allowed our institutes, businesness, and bio-tech industries transfer the crown assets to China, including Corona Virus and other bio-weapon technology. This was done by negligence, and naive notions that China under the Communist Party will become a civilized nation and tell the truth.

AI Surviellance Google and Big Tech Enslavement in China and the World

The Biden’s, under the Obama administration, limited the good people that exist in the U.S military, FBI, Secret Service, CIA and other intelligence agencies to fully counter the Chinese Communist Threat and other nefarious entities inside of the U.S and around the world. They allowed Google, Eric Schmidt who was their CEO, to build China’s Orwellian State. After Trump came into power, many corporations linked with China were used to counter the U.S efforts to break from China’s trade enslavement. Now the Virus Broke Out. I warned the world was in danger for months in my reports, books, articles, interviews, lawsuits and tweets. Yet, many plagiarized my content, no big twitter accounts supported me, even the good guys with good messages turned the other way, let alone the mainstream media, endangering the world. Why?

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Cyrus A. Parsa, The AI Organization

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